30 April 2007

What our extra taxes are being spent on. (part 3)

3. There are 662,000 more NHS operations a year than 1997.

When you vote on Thursday, if you want to vote on national issues, remember all the families that would be affected by relatives dying waiting for operations under the Tories.


  1. What about wealth re-distribution?

    I thought you were proud of this achievement!

  2. Spending money on public services IS redistributing wealth!

  3. Not if it is only going into the pockets of nurses, doctors, management consultants or to shareholders of multi-national pharmaceutical companies!

  4. I admit, increasing nurses' pay does not necessarily increase the quality of hospital care.

    Obviously neither does money spent on management consultants or given to shareholders.

    But are you trying to tell me this money wouldn't also have been spent under the Tories?

    The Tories invented PFIs and spending on management consultancy exploded under a Tory government. Unfortunately Labour hasn't reversed this trend.