25 April 2007

What our extra taxes are being spent on (part 1).

1. Nurse's pay.

Between 1987 and 1997 under the Tories, the starting wage for a nurse (in 2007 prices) increased by 8.47% (from £13,995 to £15,138).

Between 1997 and 2007 during the Labour government, the starting wage for a nurse (in 2007 prices) increased by 26.61% (£15,138 to £19,166).

Source here.

Plus of course there are 85,000 more nurses to pay than in 1997 thanks to a Labour government.


  1. But how about those staged pay rises?

  2. People are only going to be as happy as their last pay rise (they soon forget about previous increases that were good) so obviously the current public sector offer which is below inflation is going to raise their ire.

    It would only cost another £84m to meet nurse's demands in full but of course this will make it very difficult to contain wage rises in other areas. Unfortunately it looks likely there will be a fight and 2 years before a general election is the time to have it.

  3. If you think that Nurses are overpaid then you are seriously ILL and need URGENT treatment!!

  4. I have never said nurses are overpaid and I am sure you know that. Grow up!