14 April 2007

Regency ward Lib Dem councillor Dawn Davidson has been found!

Rather than 'campaigning all year round' like other parties shamelessly claim, the one Lib Dem councillor in Regency ward - Dawn Davidson has finally been discovered standing as a 'paper candidate' in Rottingdean Coastal- a Tory seat where the Lib Dems come a very poor third and will not win. Doesn't Regency deserve better?

Labour are the only party to hold regular monthly surgeries in the ward at St Mary Magdalen's Community Centre on Upper North Street. These are run by Labour Councillor Roy Pennington who is also a well known attendee at resident's organisations and along with hardworking Labour Regency candidate Dan Yates is committed to the ward (Roy has been councillor here since 1994).

This ward is going to be a close three way split between Labour, Green and Lib Dem, just 40 votes separated candidates from these parties last time in the fight for an election place in Regency ward.

Lots of people in Regency are fed up of the Lib Dems hot air and shameless bravado. The truth is, with just 3 councillors out of 54 on Brighton and Hove council, they have very little influence and as Dawn Davidson demonstrates - what few councillors they do have don't always stick around.


  1. The only thing people in Regency are fed up with are your lies.

    Nasty New Labour are finished here. Pennington is gone.

  2. Thankfully people are beginning to realise the Lib Dems promise the Earth and just deliver a load of leaflets instead.

    The Lib Dems talk up social justice then vote against the minimum wage rise. That justabout sums them up.

  3. What you never realise is how your lies motivate the Lib Dems to go out and thrash you guys.

    The public will see through your bully boy antics - they aren't fools.

    Heres to an end to nasty New Labour in Brighton & Hove.

    See you at the count, which promsies to be one to remember! Pennington in tears, Bodfish out and Burgess' lot down to single figures.

  4. And the Lib Dems propping up a Tory Council (if you get your wish!). Lets hope you are wrong eh, for the sake of the people of Brighton and Hove.

  5. More Labour lies and spin.

    Aren't you ashamed of yourself? ou give politics a bad name.

    No wonder all your New Labour mates hate you so much and are quick to tell us so.

  6. Thats rich coming from a Lib Dem, accusing me of being an enemy of New Labour, make your mind up!