17 April 2007

Oh no! We are in the Brown stuff.

Well it looks as if the game is up. Alan Johnson and Polly Toynbee backs Brown and now even John Denham has thrown his backing behind him. Even the most optimistic anti-Browners have to admit our last possible hope - David Miliband is at best a reluctant possible candidate.

But even if someone is slaughtered by Brown, it is essential SOMEONE stands against Brown if Labour is going to get itself out of the twenty somethings in the polls. If Brown wins then we unite behind him and hope for the best, but a coronation will be such a gift to the opposition and invoke even more anger in an electorate fed up to the back teeth with same old same old New Labour. Don't get me wrong, Gordon Brown will be a much better PM than David Cameron, but he is clearly not the man to take on the Tory press machine and come out on top. If only he showed courage rather than just writing about it.

Why does Brown not see the advantages of a contest in selling a revitalised Labour and new policies? Cos he fears losing that is why. This is not the man that will win elections for us. The electorate will punish us at the general election if we don't have a contest.

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