18 April 2007

Brighton and Hove elections.

This made me laugh on the Brighton and Hove council website;

"Voting will take place for all the 54 seats in the city’s 21 council wards.
...Your vote really counts – in the last council elections in 2003, one of our councillors was elected with a majority of only five votes!"

Of course under 'first past the post' in this election in Brighton&Hove it is mainly in the following 6 marginal wards that 'your vote really counts'.

REGENCY: Labour, Greens and Lib Dems separated by 40 votes.
PRESTON PARK: Lab and Greens 89 votes apart.

GOLDSMID: Lab and Cons 34 votes apart.
HANGLETON&KNOLL: Lab and Cons 79 votes apart.
EAST BRIGHTON: Lab and Cons 161 votes apart.

CENTRAL HOVE: Cons and Lib Dems 174 votes apart.

If you vote Green or Lib Dem in GOLDSMID, HANGLETON&KNOLL or EAST BRIGHTON you will help elect Tories. Only Labour can beat the Tories here. This is where who runs the council will be decided - Labour or Tory. Labour have 6 seats here out of 9 and the Tories currently have 2 + 1 independent. This is where it is imperative to vote Labour to stop the Tories gaining seats and a majority on the council.

The Greens have more than doubled their vote in Brighton and Hove since 2003 (mostly in the city centre) so could do well in REGENCY, PRESTON PARK and HANOVER&ELM GROVE. The Greens currently have 3 of the 8 seats here, Labour have 4 and the Lib Dems 1.

The Lib Dems could possibly worry the Tories in CENTRAL HOVE but it is an outside bet. The Tories have the 2 seats here.

Labour should hold on to their 3 seats in QUEENS PARK from the Greens and 2 seats in SOUTH PORTSLADE from the Tories.

Labour safe wards are HOLLINGBURY&STANMER,MOULSECOMB&BEVENDEAN and NORTH PORTSLADE where they have 8 seats.

Tory safe wards are PATCHAM,ROTTINGDEAN COASTAL,STANFORD,WESTBOURNE,WISH,WITHDEAN and WOODINGDEAN where they have 16 seats + 1 independent.

The Green safe ward is ST PETERS&NORTH LAINE where they have 3 seats (although Labour have some strong candidates here making a challenge).

The Lib Dem safe ward is BRUNSWICK&ADELAIDE where they have 2 seats.


  1. Labour are a collection of hopeless, low aspirers riddled with liars and cheats.


  2. exactly jwsalerts.

    Neil - interesting that you are saying ward such as Wish and St Peters are safe for Tories and Greens - do your local campaigners there agree with you writing them off?

    Once again we see the New Labour spin of voting on a neagtive. Don't vote as you want to because you may be something else. Why can't the voters cast their votes on their principals? Although we all know New Labour have none!

  3. "Why can't the voters cast their votes on their principals?"

    Voters can cast their votes anyway they like, I am just pointing out that voting Green and Lib Dem may help elect Tories in some wards. That is a fact not a lie.

    As I am sure you know I want this rubbish electoral system changed so we can vote for whoever we like without having to worry about helping the candidates we dislike the most.

    Well I know some of the Labour candidates there and they are working their socks off - but come on- we all know they have an impossible task.

  4. Why don't you just say 'vote Labour in x, y, z wards because I don't like the other parties'. It'll have a bit more logic and it'll at least be honest (not a word usually associated with you I know).

    Also what right do you have to tell anyone in (say) Hangleton how to vote? Do they tell you how to vote in return? A very strange state of affairs.

    This is politics at its very worst - why can't people just vote for what they believe in?

    So tell me why on earth should a Green or Lib Dem vote for New Labour?

  5. see my previous answer cos you clearly didn't read it.

  6. well we've re-read the post and the only reason you say that we should vote New Labour in this city is to stop the Tories. Thats actually not enough for most people. Don't you lot have policies, or is that old fashioned for you new labour thugs?

  7. If you are honest you will admit you don't agree with every Lib Dem policy as I admit I don't agree with every Labour policy but when the choice is between Labour and the Tories, who would you choose? And don't bottle it and say none otherwise people will know you are a vacuous politician.

  8. But you are asking Lib Dem and Green voters not to vote Lib Dem or Green. What we aren't clear about is why we should switch our principles and go to New Labour? Saying to stop the Tories isn't enough as we object as strongly to them as we do New Labour. Do you have any policies for the city?

  9. If the choice was between the Lib Dems and the Tories, I would choose the Lib Dems but it isn't, it is between Labour and the Tories.

    The Tories are going to cut vital social services to save a few pounds and will increase congestion by building more car parks in the city centre sucking more cars in.

    The Lib Dems havn't even come up with their own budget proposals for this year, they have just hung on the coat-tails of the Labour budget.

    Labour will maintain services as much as possible within council tax capping limits, continue to support cycling and bus transport and recycling and we are serious about reducing car use.

    We will open the Jubilee Library on a Sunday.

    We are the only party in Brighton to support the stadium at Falmer, the Lib Dems have took their opposition to the courts, the Greens cannot make up their minds and the Tories don't like to talk about it.

    Childcare centres and free places for all 3 to 4 year olds is Labour's idea and we are the only party who truly believe in it.

    Crime has tumbled despite the lies and negative propaganda of other parties and the press.

    For more go here.

  10. Na, you've not convinced me. I'm still voting Lib Dem. You've got to do a bit better than that to win votes over.