11 March 2007

Ever wanted to contact Dawn Davidson, your Regency Lib Dem councillor?

Well if you have managed it, let me know. Where are the Regency ward surgeries by our 'local' Lib Dem councillor? When has she last attended a residents meeting in the ward? Where is Dawn's blog? I get the impression you are more likely to see George Bush in Regency ward than Dawn Davidson.

Regency Labour Councillor Roy Pennington has monthly surgeries, is a well known regular attender at resident groups (check the minutes of any of these meetings) and runs a blog to provide info. The Regency Lib Dems are struggling to even find a recent photo of Dawn Davidson to put on their leaflets, they keep using the same ones.

Voting Lib Dem is voting for the waste of space party. With just 3 Lib Dem councillors (out of 54) on Brighton and Hove council and a Lib Dem councillor with this level of commitment to Regency ward, it is most definitely a wasted vote if you vote for the Lib Dems here.

The Regency Lib Dems use scare stories about phone masts even their own Environment spokesman, Lewes Lib Dem MP Norman Baker rubbishes, and Regency Lib Dems ridiculously pass off Labour policy on free bus passes, school admissions etc. as their own. Could you trust them on any issue when they mislead on these?

Regency is a fight between Labour and the Greens (the Greens got 22% of the vote in Brighton Pavilion at the general election, a third of which is estimated to have come from Regency). The Lib Dems are a spent force here.

With 23 Labour Councillors to the Tories 19 (the Tories had 20, but one had to resign because of an anti-gay slur - something the Tories seem to be having to get used to, whether it is Tory councillors or the Tory shadow cabinet - their party is riddled with racist homophobes), only Labour is in a position to stop the Tories plans to scrap fair school admissions and cut services. Don't waste your vote on the Lib Dems.


  1. Fantastic - you wouldn't be doing this if the Lib Dems haven't got you absolutely rattled.

    Yes talk up the Green and Tory votes as much as you like - it'll still be Lib Dem first, but it'll only mean poor old hapless Roy 4th or is it 5th place!

    PS-good idea about the litter survey - the state of the streets in Regency is dire and real vote loser for Cllr P.

  2. Regency Lib Dems oppose putting black bags in communal bins and wheelie bins (where appropriate) and then say look at the mess pn the streets when seagulls rip the bags open.

    Labour has dramatically improved litter around here and the people agree.

    68% think the streets cleaner and are satisfied with the doorstep recycling (up 18%).

    You lot can fiddle with graphs as much as you like, we admit it is going to be close between us and the Greens, you desperately try to hide the fact the Greens are doing well here.

    You say on your latest leaflet 'the Greens are out of the race'. The Greens were just 41 votes short of a seat in Regency in 2003, since then their Brighton vote has more than doubled - most of this in central Brighton wards like Regency. How honest is it of the local Lib Dems to say 'the Greens were out of the race'. This just demonstrates how dishonest the Regency Lib Dems are. Under a four-way split in Regency, it could even let the Tories in. We do not want a Tory run council, voting Lib Dem will give us exactly that.

  3. Lovely, there's nothing like New Labour rattled! When they are going down they get very nasty.

  4. Are you having one of your bad days again Mr Regency New Labour Suporter?

  5. I admit I am worried that some people might be voting Lib Dem thinking it a left of centre worthwhile thing to do. I just feel it my duty to let people know what they get when they elect a Lib Dem in Regency. An ineffective councillor (and probably a closet Tory) and a Tory run council supported by the couple of Lib Dems.

    All the personal insults have come from anonymous Lib Dem posters on here. I just have to point to the comments that have been left here to demonstrate the sort of people that in the Brighton and Hove Lib Dems.

    The only hope the Regency Lib Dems have got is to try and be the 'protest party' which is why you have to lie about the Greens being nowhere. The Greens will beat you easily in Regency and Labour are the only party that can beat the Tories on the council.

  6. I think you need to go and lay down and keep taking the pills. You are clearly not well.

  7. Keep the insults coming, it is the only thing you are good at.

  8. Easy. Don't be so touchy. We're actually all a bit worried about your mental state. These things really are not worth getting this angry over.

  9. Brighton NO2ID16/3/07 12:12 pm

    Brighton NO2ID has tried to contact Cllr Penington with regards to his views on ID cards. With the Lib Dems, Green and Tories now opposing this scheme New-Labour are looking increasingly isolated.

    Where does he stand on the issue? Will we ever know????

  10. to: Brighton NO2ID
    my views are well-known on your local web-site, which i joined as the first member to do so --
    why do you lie about trying to contact me! my phone and e-mail address is always open -- and my answering machine works is turned on too -- i dis-connected my fax as its high pitched noise effects callers with hearing aids.

  11. Well what are you actually doing to stop ID Cards Roy?

  12. Brighton NO2ID Coordinator19/3/07 2:27 pm

    Dear Roy,

    I’m sorry to hear that your fax machine interferes with your hearing aid. The noise those machines are certainly disagreeable. I must however point out that you were sent an email on 23rd Jan 2007 which you did not respond to. I can forward this email to anyone who doubts me. Please contact Brighton@no2id.net for a copy.

    Why do you see fit to accuse me of lying? Could it not simply have been the case that you missed an email? or that a letter to you got lost in the post? It's really not on for a councillor to slander people publicly.

    If you choose to respond via a website under development which has no other postings or members, then it is clearly obvious how your stance on ID-CARDS might have been missed. Perhaps you should make you views known via a more public forum such as the Argus website to which you belong.

    Hopefully see you on Brighton’s ID-DAY Protest, 5pm Churchill square where there will be an excellent opportunity to make your views known to everyone.

    James Elsdon-Baker