04 March 2007

54% Support For Road Pricing.

The latest YouGov poll shows people support road pricing as long as the extra revenue is spent on public transport and reducing road tax. The problem is 72% don't believe the extra revenue would be spent in this way. Once again this is a 'we don't trust the government issue'. What a sad state our democracy is in and what a victory for the right-wing media!

"Suppose some way could be found to guarantee that ALL the money raised was
used to improve public transport and to reduce the cost of the road fund licence
(‘tax disc’), would you support or oppose the introduction of ‘pay-as-you-drivemotoring’?"

Support 54
Oppose 24
Don’t know 22

"Whichever party is in power, do you think the introduction of some form of road
pricing is inevitable? In other words, is it going to happen sooner or later
whether we like it or not?"

Yes, road pricing will come in sooner or later 65
No, it won’t 16
Don’t know 20


  1. Well, "improve public transport" sounds like one of those weaselly statements that covers a lot of things that don't actually transport the public more efficiently.

    Reducing the price of the tax disc is almost completely irrelevant - compared to the annual cost of purchasing, maintaining and insuring a car, the tax disc is almost free.

  2. I think in the face of all the negative publicity about road pricing this is a remarkable poll - people want more investment in public transport and are willing for revenues from congestion/road pricing to be used to pay for it.