20 February 2007

Having No Policies Gives Cameron 13 Point Lead.

In advertising, sometimes the less you can say about the product the better - it is the image that matters. This is obviously a lesson David Cameron has learned.

Labour have always had better overall policies than the Tories, what largely changed under Blair was that we got better than the Tories at presenting these policies (we also had to promise not to tax the super-rich to neutralise the press barons worst lies). It was inevitable that the Tories 'the original kings of spin', the inventors of the 'Nuremberg style conferences with total absence of debate' would once again match us on style and with the backing of the Tory press that would always give them an advantage.

It takes some gall for Cameron;

to criticise Labour party democracy when his own party has never had any.

to talk about work-life balance when he has opposed all paternity/maternity rights/guaranteed holiday pay/flexible working etc.

to talk about the environment when Friends of the Earth described his party as the 'most environmentally unfriendly in the EU' - Cameron opposes congestion charging, the climate change levy and wants a 'massive road building program'.

to talk about rights when he claimed Blair is 'moving heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in our schools' and Cameron opposed the abolition of section 28.

to talk about tackling crime but want to devolve responsibility to voluntary organisations that will have a fraction of the resources. In other words he will cut expenditire on social programmes that cut crime. How will that help?

Cameron is a fraud and we in the Labour party have got to work harder against the tide of lies in the press that keep the Tories riding high. Eventually the people will realise that Cameron is so right wing he will make Thatcher look like a woolly liberal, let's hope they realise this before he is elected and can do untold damage.

We should fear anyone who would put a monster like George Osbourne in a position of responsibility. It is one thing 'hugging a hoodie', but putting several of them in your cabinet is another thing entirely.


  1. I'm no Tory, but as long as he's up against policies like Blair's, Cameron's shooting at an open goal.

    Besides, he does have at least one solid commitment: Scrapping ID cards. A bit more where that came from and there's no contest, unless there's radical change within the party.

  2. I don't think one good policy in a sea of negatives (particularly an anti-policy against something that probably is not going to happen anyway) makes a party worth electing.

    Cameron will not outline his true policies which are 'super-charged Thatcherism', i.e regressive taxation and cuts in public services, because he knows people wouldn't like them.

  3. Still threatening the Thatcher bogeyman? Pathetic...

  4. Nice to see some things never change....