14 January 2007

The Lib Dems only have THREE councillors in Brighton and Hove and one of them is Dawn Davidson.

Why is it the Regency Lib Dems website and their leaflets don't seem to have much to say about their Regency councillor - Dawn Davidson?

Compare this photo on their website from March 2006 with this photo of her they managed to squeeze onto the back page of their most recent leaflet. Is this what people have to expect when they elect a Lib Dem? If they can't even produce a recent photo of her, what does it say about how active she is in the ward?

As for the other Lib Dem councillors. This seems to sum their activity up.

As for the claim that 'they secured funding' for something with just 3 councillors out of 54, they are having a laugh. The truth is Labour have 23 councillors, the Tories 20, The Greens 6 and the Lib Dems 3, with 2 Independents. It is clear that with Lib Dem and Tory councillors nationally interchanging parties on a regular basis, the only way of keeping the Tory ideology out of power in Brighton and Hove is to elect Labour councillors in places like Regency. Re-elect Roy Pennington - hard working councillor since 1994 and Daniel Yates, both totally committed to actually being around in Regency ward and they will be in a position to influence a Labour led council.


  1. You're lucky, Neil, I get bombarded with stuff by the other two Lib Dems, mainly on the theme of how everything good that happens in B&H (especially anything pertaining to floral clocks) is a result of Lib Dem activity. They don't refer to "the fat cats in City Hall" in so many words, but they'd have people believe that's the case.

  2. Clearly you a rattled! He he he. Another Lib Dem councillor on their way in regency then.

    The reason why the photo can still be used is because of your LAZY and ROTTEN New Labour council failing again to act.

    Heres to May. The hopeless Pennington thrown out and a decent councillor in.

  3. Isn't Daniel Yates a councillor in Sompting? Thats a real commitment to Regency.

  4. anon: "The reason why the photo can still be used is because of your LAZY and ROTTEN New Labour council failing again to act."

    Now that really makes sense doesn't it? So you admit the Lib Dems are rubbish! Even if your claim were true that Labour was lazy and rotten (which they are not), two wrongs do not make a right.

    You sound like the ones who are rattled.

    Daniel is an excellent candidate with a wealth of experience and more importantly he is commited to working hard in Regency. Working with Roy Pennington who has been councillor in Regency since 1994 they make a good team. Now Dawn Davidson thankfully cannot be bothered to stand again in Regency the Lib Dems have two unknowns standing. You will finish behind the Greens. Out canvassing It seems like a two horse race between us and the Greens.

  5. Look Mr Harding. We all know you hate Lib Dems - you can't stand them. If so why be bothered to get so heated up about them? Its a waste of your energy and time, and its actually a bit sad that you have to go on and on and on without any kind of fact. If I were you I would retrun to your other postings, which although dull are a bit more worthy. I'd get over it, move on, find soemthign useful to do, get a life!!!! We all know you hate Lib Dems, so get over it. Its not worth getting so hot under the collar about it.

  6. I don't hate the Lib Dems, I like a lot of their policies, in ideological terms you are similar to Labour on a lot of policy.

    What I do have to point out however is how your policies do not match with certain individuals.

    I think because the Lib Dems end up as a refuge for disgruntled Labour AND Tory members/voters, it is difficult to predict which way they will go on any council. The voters need to know that the Lib Dems are full of ex-Tories for instance.

    The Lib Dems spend a lot of their time attacking other parties because they are not clear on their own direction.

    I think the Lib Dems end up with people who are not as committed to being councillors. They are not as clear in their mind what they want to achieve so end up losing interest more quickly. This is something the voters in Regency need to know.

    It seems the Lib Dems can dish criticism out but they are not so good at taking it.

    Sorry if you find my articles dull. You don't have to read them! What is sadder; telling someone to get a life for what they enjoy writing or spending your time reading something you consider dull?

  7. There you go again. Cool, chill, relax. Stop getting yourself hot under the collar. Its pointless. We all know you hate Lib Dems and indeed their councillors and no-one is going to persuade you otherwise, so why not get over it and talk about something more interesting? Thats what the good blogs do.

  8. Interesting to whom? You? You just want me to shut up because you don't like to hear the truth. Well I am certainly going to continue to write about the local Lib Dems. How can I hate you? I have never met you. In fact I am not sure anyone in Regency has.

  9. You hit the nail on the head - how can you hate someone so much you've never met? Keep engaging in an intelligent debate on the lib dems for sure, but not this bitter nonsense. I am just a bit worried about your mental state.

  10. I don't know what the hell you are going on about. You are the one who is going on about 'hate'. It is not 'bitter nonsense' to point out how Lib Dems lose interest after they are elected. The electorate have a right to know.

  11. You are still going on! Calm down dear. We all know your views. Have you thought about therapy to try and help you overcome this?

  12. If you have to resort to personal abuse like this I think that demonstrates who has won the argument.

  13. Off you go again. Now theres nobody in the world more abusive than you. And frankly we are all a bit worried about you because of it. Have you had relationship break up? A lonely Christmas? A difficult upbringing? Bullied at school? Perhaps you have no friends? Or is it that nobody likes you? Theres lots of ways you can get help for your flawed personality. You have some very strange tendancies. There are people out there who can help you get through this.

    Please don't think we are all laughing at you. We are not really. Just concerned for your well being, and your mental state. Seek help before its too late.

  14. anon: Resorting to playground insults now. Lib Dems=Bullies : Your comment above sums the local Lib Dems up.

  15. There you go again. How can being worried about your mental state be bullying? And why LibDem? Cool, chill, relax - try making a few friends, having a night out, doing something to relax. You might see things a bit more normally if you do.

    This blog is the blogging version of road rage!! The good blogs are about debate and discussion.

  16. anon: I wonder if you are Kevin or Paul? I know there are only a handful of Lib Dems in Brighton and from the previous behind the scenes bullying shenanigans about posts I have made here, I know you must at least have close contact with someone well connected.

    Your behavior on here is a very sad indictment of the quality of the local Lib Dems. You obviously know a lot about these disorders you accuse me of. You know what they say, 'takes one to know one'.

  17. So you admit you're a bit sad..actually delete 'a bit'.

    If only I was as well connected as you!

    And as I keep saying there is hope for bullies like you.

    Paul? Kevin?