04 January 2007

Blogging Resolutions.

Over eighteen months and four hundred posts later and I have to admit I have lately run out of blogging steam.

My key new year blogging resolutions are as follows;

1. Try to cover as much fresh new political territory as possible which involves;

a) More (in some cases much more) primary research.
b) Don't just amplify the main stream media (in fact where possible don't be dictated by it at all).
c) Try not to repeat stuff already in my archives (this is getting more difficult, glancing through my archives, I have said a lot of my core beliefs already - it is always tempting to try to better hone these arguments).

2. Focus more on local politics and the absurdity of party machinations.

a) Like Ken Livingstone the details of local politics bore me, I have always been a big ideas man but I think an inside appraisement of how parties work can be enlightening and entertaining for the outsider (even if the endless committee meetings are not). For example there are far more whinging politicos out there than actual party members. If these people joined a party like Labour they could be forging policy rather than just moaning about it, they have no excuse. There is still some democracy left in the Labour party. There never was any in the Tory party.

b) More personal anecdotes of life in Regency ward, Brighton.

3. No matter what the abuse, keep sticking to my guiding principle - rationalism.

a) This means offending every vested interest no matter how entrenched and how much they support you on other issues, e.g. christian socialists, trade unionists etc.

b) Above all this means continuing to argue for atheism, proportional electoral systems/media reform and egalitarianism. To oppose these things is to argue for delusion, oligarchy and discrimination. No matter how much the Right try to dress up their arguments that is what they are indeed doing and have always done.

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