20 January 2007

B+H Councillor Blog Posts.

Just for fun and not to read too much into this, I thought as the Brighton and Hove Councillor Blogs have been up and running for around 6 months or so, it might be interesting to record how many blog posts each councillor has made and their most recent post. They are as follows;

1.Ken Norman (CON,Withdean,majority 1534) - 123 posts, 19 Jan 07
2.Warren Morgan (LAB,East Brighton,maj 389) - 118 posts, 18 Jan 07
3.Dee Simson (CON,Woodingdean,maj 1571) - 93 posts, 16 Jan 07
4.Anne Norman (CON,Withdean,maj 1566) - 88 posts, 19 Jan 07
5.Brian Oxley (CON,Westbourne,maj 578) - 62 posts, 18 Jan 07
6.Roy Pennington (LAB,Regency,maj 5) - 61 posts, 18 Jan 07
7.Brian Pidgeon (CON,Patcham,maj 1699) - 45 posts, 16 Jan 07
8.Simon Burgess (LAB,Queens Park,maj 500) - 26 posts, 6 Dec 06
9.Joyce Edmund-Smith (LAB,Hanover&Elm Grove,maj 164) - 21 posts, 18 Dec 06
10.Simon Battle (LAB,Goldsmid,maj 32) - 20 posts, 12 Jan 07.
11.Carol Theobald (CON,Patcham,maj 1582) - 6 posts, 6 Dec 06
12.Averil Older (CON,Central Hove,maj 245) - 2 posts, 4 Dec 06
13.Jan Young (CON,Central Hove, maj 215) - 2 posts, 22 Nov 06
14.Dawn Barnett (CON,Hangleton & Knoll,maj 370) - 2 posts, 26 Sep 06
15.Bob Carden (LAB,Portslade,maj 1034) - 1 post, 28 Nov 06
16.Anne Meadows (LAB,Moulsecomb&Bevendean,maj 702) - 1 post, 17 Nov 06
17.Pat Drake (CON,Withdean,maj 1608) - 1 post, 30 Oct 06
18.Anne Giebeler (IND (ex CON),Goldsmid,maj 58) - 1 post, 28 Sep 06
19.Sue John (LAB,South Portslade,maj 250) - 1 post, 28 June 06

Those councillors with no posts on their site or no council blog at all;

Dawn Davidson (LIB DEM,Regency,maj 39)
David Watkins (LIB DEM,Brunswick&Adelaide,maj 481)
Paul Elgood (LIB DEM,Brunswick&Adelaide,maj 600)

*Peter Willows (CON,Hangleton&Knoll,maj 134) *resigned
Edward Kemble (CON,Wish,maj 154)
Gary Peltzer Dunn (CON,Wish,maj 248)
Denise Cobb (CON,Westbourne,maj 527)
Vanessa Brown (CON,Stanford,maj 797)
Geoffrey Theobald (CON,Patcham,maj 1549)
Geoffrey Wells (CON,Woodingdean,maj 1617)
Mary Mears (CON,Rottingdean,maj 1940)
David Smith (CON,Rottingdean,maj 1970)
Lynda Hyde (CON,Rottingdean,maj 2330)

Jayne Bennett (IND,Stanford,maj 71)

Georgia Wrighton (GRN,Hanover&Elm Grove,maj 173)
Bill Randall (GRN,Hanover&Elm Grove,maj 476)
Richard Mallender (GRN,Preston Park,maj 489)
Simon Williams (GRN,St Peters&North Laine,maj 1054)
Sue Paskins (GRN,St Peters&North Laine,maj 1066)
Keith Taylor (GRN,St Peters&North Laine,maj 1147)

Vincent Meegan (LAB,Goldsmid,maj 27)
Kevin Allen (LAB,Preston Park,maj 89)
Juliet McCaffrey (LAB,Preston Park,maj 161)
Craig Turton (LAB,East Brighton,maj 161)
Brian Fitch (LAB,Hangleton&Knoll,maj 235)
Delia Forrester (LAB,Queens Park,maj 467)
Gill Mitchell (LAB,East Brighton,maj 483)
Leslie Hamilton (LAB,South Portlade,maj 512)
Ken Bodfish (LAB,Queens Park,maj 566)
Tehmtan Framroze (LAB,Hollingbury&Stanmer,maj 674)
Jack Hazelgrove (LAB,Moulsecomb&Bevendean,maj 699)
Pat Hawkes (LAB,Hollingbury&Stanmer,maj 705)
Francis Tonks (LAB,Moulsecomb&Bevendean,maj 726)
Jeanne Lepper (LAB,Hollingbury&Stanmer,maj 876)
Donald Turner (LAB,North Portslade,maj 892)

Blog posts per party;

Conservative 424 (20 councillors)
Labour 249 (23)
Others 1 (2)
Greens 0 (6)
Lib Dems 0 (3)

Of course this says nothing about the quality of their posts but at least it shows which councillors are making an effort (in terms of blogging) and which are not. I was also interested to see if there was any correlation with their effort and how marginal their seat is. There doesn't seem to be.

Of course this whole exercise might be unfair to some councillors who blog elsewhere or I suppose you could argue that the councillors who blog the most have got too much time on their hands.


  1. I'm not sure that normal people would spend their weekends working all this out. Dull beyond belief. Still time wasted here is less help for New Lab in the council elections.

  2. Stop trolling, anonymous.

    Thanks, Neil, I knew that Roy and Warren were blogging, but didn't know about Simon, Sue, et al. Shame they don't have proper feeds, though. Well, and that they don't keep it up.

  3. How many post has Sue John actually made then?

  4. I'm sure anon is pleased that the Lib Dems have posted a sum total of NIL posts.

  5. But that wasn't my question. How many post has Sue John made?

    Its a fair enough question surely?

    Also can I ask how many of Pennington's actually make any kind of sense?

  6. anon: If you bother to read the post, you will see that Sue John has done one more post than all the Lib Dems put together?

  7. What you mean just 2 posts?

    Not very good is it?

    How many has Donald Turner made?

    And don't forget how many of Pennington's actually make sense?

  8. No, Sue John has only one post the Lib Dems haven't posted any so I don't see how you are in any position to criticise anyone. As for Donald Turner, if you cannot be bothered to read, I am not doing it for you.

    I find Roy Pennington's posts very informative, he does an amazing amount in the ward. He is well known amongst resident groups in the area, unlike Lib Dem Dawn whatserface.

    He also has principles, he actually goes by what the evidence suggests. Look at how the Lib Dems are trying to cynically scare people about mobile phone masts when the actual phones themselves are far more dangerous. I don't see the Lib Dems suggesting mobile phones should be banned, hypocrites!

  9. So what you won't admit is that Don Turner hasn't made any posts. Then he too must be a hypocrite, liar and general bad councillor on your logic.

    Lets look at one of Pennington's stranger posts. And we only have to go back a few days to find one...

    Now this is really important to the people of Regency - Pennington writes...

    National Phone-in Sick Day Jan. 29 2007
    21 January, 2007 at 16:37
    Jan. 29th 2007 National Sick Note Day

    Though one feels this is a spoof, there is method in the madness -- reducing anxiety in the workplace must be good for the economy in the long term and increasing sustainablity.

    It helps to have a real reason, of course, though even that cannot prevent your employer from sacking if you less than one year's service. The Legal Aid Board sacked me, in 1998, for attending a Planning Committee site visit in the evening though I had phoned in correctly and it was outside working hours. I had the flu' and GMB tried to get me reinstated but to no avail.

    So, maybe , don't phone in sick unless really ill.


  10. anon: As I point out in the post (which you seem unable to read through), this demonstrates (probably) how much effort someone is making at blogging. Not only are the local Lib Dems making no effort in blogging, they don't seem to do much else either, as Dawn Davidson typifies. Doing nothing is what makes someone a bad councillor.

    What you can say about Roy Pennington is he is hard working, he represents the people of Regency, he is well known and he is honest (hence his posts). This is unlike the local Lib Dems and you are an example of what they are like.

  11. So where's your evidence that anyone is 'dishonest'? Come on, this is too far even for you !

    But isn't calling in sick and lying to your employer which causes you to be sacked 'dishonest'? I can see the leaflets now...

  12. As Roy explained, he was genuinely ill and he doesn't condone anybody phoning in sick without a good reason.

    It is unbelievably honest to be upfront about such issues. The local Lib Dems of course would never admit their mistakes. I know which I prefer. As that famous communist allegedly said 'he who is without sin...'.