17 December 2006

Tony Benn versus Richard Dawkins.

This debate looks a must see. It is on later this morning at 11am on the Sunday Edition on ITV1. Should be interesting. Try not to miss it.


  1. I missed it but I'm certain they're related, so I doubt that sparks flew.

  2. It was actually pretty dire. Tony Benn kept talking over Dawkins who barely got a word in.

    It confirmed my view of Benn. He is spectacularly wrong on almost everything, I think I understand why now. He just doesn't listen to anyone.

    Dawkins did manage somehow to get some good points across - such as - most people are cultural Christians not real Christians. Ask them about supernatural stuff and most roll their eyes, which is exactly what Benn did when Dawkins asked him if he believed in God. Benn wouldn't answer the question.

  3. Although I fear Tony Benn is not the man he once was, you are wrong - Neil - to say that he is spectacularly wrong on almost everything. Unless, of course, you think that you are spectacularly wrong on "almost everything". For, having looked at the "manifesto" on your webpage, it seems that you agree with him on "almost everything" - referenda, written constitution, gay marriage, cheaper public transport, and so on - not everything, of course, but almost.