05 October 2006

The God Delusion.

There is a scene in the film '24 hour party people' where a character played by Rob Bryden is trying to argue that the Beatle's manager was George Epstein and the producer Brian Martin. To which Steve Coogan's Anthony H Wilson eventually replies in exasperation 'You're just plain wrong!'.

This is how I feel about those arguing that science doesn't have a say in determining the probability of God. - 'You're just plain wrong!'

Thankfully Richard Dawkins argues the same point with more clarity and eloquence in his new book - read it. I've got my copy (signed by Dawkins at the Labour conference), get yours.

As Derron Brown says 'This is my favourite book of all time. I hope that those secure and intelligent enough to see the value of questioning their beliefs will be big enough and strong enough to read this book. It is a heroic and life changing work.'

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  1. heh, just bought that today when staggering home