10 July 2006

Nasty racist corrupt cheats.

I suppose that's what it takes to win the World Cup nowadays...oh, and use the tactics of San Marino, i.e. 11 men behind the ball and hope to nick a goal on the break (admittedly Italy do it better than San Marino but it is just as boring to watch).


  1. You apparently do not understand the game, probably from years of supporting Walsall. And as for the title of this post...

    "Nasty" - If you mean a bit of sledging, you've clearly never played a serious cricket or football match.

    "Racist" - There is racism in Italian football, mainly from Paolo Di Canio and some supporters. Who in the Italian team were you referring to? Both players stressed Materazzi's comments had been defamatory but not of a racist nature.
    "Corrupt" - None of the players or the coaching staff were subject to punishment in the recent scandal.
    "Cheats" - For what? A disputed penalty? I guess you're right - they are the only team to ever profit from such a thing.

    You're plainly racist yourself, allowing your prejudiced, stereotype of Italians to get the better of you.


  2. wb: If understanding the game means accepting the way this World Cup descended into a farce of diving and time wasting, then yes I am guilty of not understanding why anyone would want to watch that. At least lower league football has a bit more honesty than the international game.

    "Nasty". I'm sure name calling goes on in all sports but deriding someone's family when their mother is ill in hospital seems a particularly low and nasty thing to do.

    "Racist". This was contentious but at the time of writing it seemed that Materazzi has derided Zidane as a 'son of a whore, Algerian terrorist' or something similar. If that is not the case, there is still the fact (as you admit) that Italian football is one of the worst leagues for racist chanting from the terraces and that the Italian players and authorities seem disinterested in doing anything about it.

    "Corrupt", over half of the Italian squad plays for teams involved in the scandal. Are you telling me they knew nothing about this? The goalkeeper, Buffon even ran a betting ring.

    "Cheats" Considering the negative way Italy played during this tournament, they relied heavily on their ability to cheat. That was the difference in the Australia game. Watch it again and see how little Italy attacked. The 'penalty' was about the only time they got anywhere near goal.


    If I am an idiot for denouncing the game as corrupt and suggesting that the World Cup is just awarded to the best cheats, then what does it make those people who accept such a piss-poor situation?