27 June 2006

Which is the most boring team in the World Cup?

This is where the real competition is. It seems to me that the most boring teams have made it to the last eight.

England have been slagged off for being boring. But could any game ever played in the history of football be more boring than the Switzerland - Ukraine game? It was so bad, the BBC highlights skipped the match and went straight to the penalty shootout. During the game, one of the commentators relayed a story of a Swiss fan he saw outside the ground offering 'any amount' for 2 tickets. He jokingly continued 'I wish I'd have given him our tickets'.

France have also been terrible, especially now they have knocked out Spain who at least wanted to play attacking football.

Italy have played the whole tournament on the counter attack keeping all 11 players behind the ball (as is their tradition), while Portugal have only entertained us with their histrionics.

Brazil have been immensely disappointing and Argentina have only really impressed against a complicit Serbia. Mexico were much the more attacking team against Argentina.

In fact the most entertaining team left are *cough* ahem, Germany.

In boring order I would place the teams as follows (starting with the most boring);



  1. Oy, Grumpy! I'm quite enjoying this world cup. The Argies are showing the world how to play football and the England team are keeping the nation's anxiety levels to a dangerously high level.

    It's annoying that the Italian dive, French dive and the offside goals have been winning the day but it's a good spectacle.

    But the most boring thing about this world cup is all this bloody criticism. England team.... referees... FIFA..... Beckham.... Crouch.... Lampard.... Diving....

    Christ! Can't a man just watch and enjoy it? I can't even turn on the radio or go to the pub without Sven getting slagged off. That's how narrow minded everyone is. If we don't win it the Sven is the worst manager ever. If we do win it he'll be knighted.

  2. Well said Mr King. I will hear no more nonsense we just have to watch it, enjoy it and if we win then hoorah.

    Incidentally, Argentina and Brazil are not boring. Though England have had to compromise their style a little bit.

  3. carry bag man28/6/06 4:08 pm

    Did you take my advice and have a pre-world cup wager on the Fatherland ??
    looking good...

  4. Carry bag man: Unfortunately I didn't bet on the Deutsche, though I admit your tip is looking good.

    John king: I have enjoyed the WC as well and I don't like to over-criticise but come on, the cheating has gone too far, it is ruining the game. Surely we have to recognise this and do something about it.

    Yes it can be exciting when there is only one incident in a game (if it is your team concerned), but football shouldn't be just about winning, it should be about attractive football.

    Like Gus Hiddink says, the Aussies won a moral victory over the Italians because at least the Aussies TRIED to play attractive football.

    "They play like war. They don't think about attractive play, they think only about the result. We like to play another way."

    Isn't about time we rewarded attractive football?