05 June 2006

My World Cup Prediction.

They say you should never write Germany off, but that is exactly what I am going to do. I know they were crap in 2002 and still amazingly got to the final, but they are even worse now and I don't rate Klinsman (their manager) that high. I will be surprised if they get past the quarter finals even with home advantage.

Looking at Group A, I can't see Ecuador or Costa Rica making it out of the Group. From memory, Ecuador are that team that play on top of a 23,000ft mountain, so their home wins help them qualify, they will finish bottom of this group, with Costa Rica just above.

Group A
Germany 7pts
Poland 7pts
Costa Rica 1pt
Ecuador 1pt

England will win group B, I really can't see us having a problem with Trinidad and Tobago, easy 3-0 win at least. Paraguay (the opening game on June 9th) will be more difficult but I think we will scrape through 1-0. I also think we will beat Sweden in the final game.

Group B
England 9pts
Sweden 6pts
Paraguay 3pts
Trinidad & Tobago 0pts

Group C is the toughest group to call, 3 quality teams and 1 unknown quantity. Argentina, Serbia&Montenegro, Holland, Ivory Coast.

I think SerbiaMN have what it takes to win this group. They won their qualifying group ahead of Spain. So I'm going to go for the following. It's a tough call to push Argentina out but I do think Serbia are that good a team.

Group C
Serbia&MN 5pts
Holland 5pts
Argentina 5pts
Ivory Coast 0pt

Have to go for Portugal and Mexico to get out of this group.

Group D
Portugal 7pts
Mexico 7pts
Iran 1pt
Angola 1pt

In Group E, I think the USA could once again surprise a few people. They reached the QF in 2002 under Bruce Arena (their unorthodox coach) and their US based players are interesting, particularly Landon Donovan. This is what I think will happen.

Group E
Italy 7pts
USA 5pts
Czech Rep 4pts
Ghana 0pts

I really don't want Brazil to win this World Cup, it will be too predictable. I'd rather Germany win it than Brazil. However reason tells me they probably will win it. They should certainly win this group. I'm hopeful the socceroos under Gus Hiddink might join them, but maybe that is wishful thinking.

Group F
Brazil 9pts
Australia 4pts
Croatia 4pts
Japan 0pts

I just don't rate any of the African teams this time. This is why I think they will all finish bottom of their groups.

Group G
France 7pts
Switzerland 7pts
S.Korea 1pt
Togo 1pt

I think the Arabs could pull off a shock here, I am not sure why I think that. Ukraine have Shevchenko up front so maybe I am wrong but what the hell.

Group H
Spain 5pts
S.Arabia 5pts
Ukraine 5pts
Tunisia 0pts

Second Round.

Sweden bt Germany, yes I know I am sticking my neck out here, but I really don't think the Germans are any good. Egg on my face no doubt.

SerbiaMN bt Mexico, I think the Serbians are dark horses.

England bt Poland, well we should do.

Holland bt Portugal, close game, maybe pens.

Italy bt Australia, the socceroos are overjoyed to have got this far.

France bt S.Arabia, close game, maybe pens as well.

Brazil bt USA, very entertaining game but Brazil prove too much for yanks.

Switzerland bt Spain, The Spanish once again disappoint.

Quarter Finals.

Sweden bt SerbiaMN, the Swedish manager fulfils his prediction of SF place.

Italy bt France, the French just a little past it, Italy score late winner.

England bt Holland, Euphoria sweeps the country as we ease past the Dutch but...

Brazil bt Switzerland, by several goals. It is looking so easy for the favourites.

Semi Finals

Sweden bt Italy, on penalties!

England bt Brazil, I am going with my heart not my head!


England bt Sweden, Sven is torn but he never has to buy a pint again, I self combust!

I haven't looked at the Guardian guide which comes out today but I bet they don't predict an England - Sweden final.


  1. You mean that if we get as far as the semis we face Brazil!

    $£%$^£%! £%$£%$!

    Still it will be the first time we got that far since 1990, so...
    Plus if France can beat them..

  2. You make some interesting positions. In time, we will see how accurate they are. For more on the hosts prospects, visit my blog.

  3. You make some interesting predictions, I should say :-)

  4. Paul: Well, I suppose the only way we can avoid Brazil is to come second in our group but that we mean having to beat Germany, possibly Argentina and Italy to get to the Final.

  5. Nice post. I agree with most of your findings but I think Japan my have chance too! I can't for the first surprise result where a £400m+ team get wiped out by their African counterparts.

    I've taken the plunge and done some dodgy World Cup betting on outside chances. Check my site for the list of horror!

  6. We have beaten Germany and Argentina before in recent years (remember that priceless match in 2002 when we wiped the smug looks off their faces) and we can do so again


  7. Will you like to change that prediction about Trinidad and Tobago,you still got time,watch the underdogs closely.This country is so determined to show the world what they are made off.They certainly showed me,ever seen the movie Cool Runnings?this is the real thing.Best game so far.

  8. So far, I am looking wrong about Ecuador and maybe Serbia are not going to be as good as I thought.

    The T&T - Sweden result was surprising but they will lose the next 2 games. I still think England and Sweden from this group.