18 June 2006

How to teach maths to footie fans.

The World Cup is an ideal tool to teach maths to school children. Group E has the most exciting possibilities.

The USA will definitely go through if they beat Ghana by 4 goals or more. If they win by less than this, they need Italy to beat the Czech Republic or the Czechs to beat Italy by enough to overcome a 5 goal difference. If the USA draw or lose they are definitely out.

If Ghana win against the USA they definitely go through. A draw will be enough if the Czechs lose to Italy. If Ghana lose they are definitely out.

If the Czechs win against Italy they are definitely through. A draw will be enough if the USA fail to win by 4 or more goals AND Ghana fail to win. If the Czechs lose they are definitely out.

The cheating corrupt Italian team will have bribed the referee to make sure they get through but they can only go out if they lose to the Czechs AND either Ghana win or the US win and Italy lose by enough to overturn a 5 goal difference between the teams.

Well that clears that up then!


  1. Possibly maths, but you forget to mention Geography. The World Cup introduces the TV audiences to 32 different nations. Half of which they will likey have heard of but what of the others?

  2. How do you organise your posts like that down the right hand side of the blog by the way?

  3. Mathew: geography as well, possibly other things too.

    As for the layout of the blog. I just used a blogger template so I don't know how it works unfortunately. Sorry.

  4. Remember what the World Cup is supposed to be about. No, not money. Not even football (maybe a little bit). But unity - that is the message of the World Cup.