16 June 2006

England are progressing well.

The press reports for the opening two England Games in 1966 were hardly flattering (and that in a time before Murdoch).

I have been impressed by the England team so far, I don't take any notice of tabloid headlines (which is why I can support Labour). Our defence has shown a resiliance and we have shown an ability to step up a gear when needed. 2 games-6 points- qualification, that is the bottom line and that is all the history books will remember.

For once, Sven got the subs right. Lennon on for Carragher and Beckham back to wingback was right for a game like this and made the difference. It gave us more of a cutting edge.

On a better day, both Crouch and Lampard would have got a hat-trick. I lost count of how many shots on goal Lampard had.

The best teams so far have been Croatia and Brazil, both technically excellent with sharp clever passing. Fortunately we won't have to meet either until at least the Semis.

The big question is; if Germany finish second in their group, do we want to lose to Sweden to avoid Germany in the second round?


  1. Yes we do. But Argentina are actually the best team in the tournament at the moment.

  2. Serbia (for whatever reasons) were very poor against Argentina. We beat Argentina in a friendly a few months back, we can do them again.

  3. I admire your optimisim. But now Owen is crocked and England look a little short up front. The formation is jumping between a 4-4-2 and a 4-5-1 and really with these injuries England are going to be exposed sooner or later...