26 April 2006

No way can this be true!

I was reading this Guardian article about some ex-Rover workers who have been tracked down and are talking about how they are getting on with life after Rover. Look at the name in this story;

Maurice Minor, 58, worked at Longbridge for 32 years and was in car sales when the plant closed. He is married and has two young daughters.

Surely this is someone having a laugh with the journalist. Nobody would survive at British Leyland with that name. The whole piece carries on with no comment on his hilarious name. Can it be true?


  1. carry bag man26/4/06 12:10 pm

    No its true. I have it on good authority from his line manager a certain Robin Reliant !!!

  2. I've always been mystified about the English rugby player Austin Healey. Austin is a rare first name, implying the parents got the name *from* the car.

  3. Seaman Staines15/5/06 11:53 am

    I can't imagine why you think he was taking the piss.