25 March 2006

Local Lib Dems still don't 'get it' on late licensing.

The Local Lib Dems are campaigning against late licenses for local pubs, they are stirring up hysterical doomsday predictions (yet again) against local pubs opening later.

The truth of the matter is that it is the spreading out of the late licenses to residential areas that has reduced complaints and violent crime by nearly 20% (info David Lepper) in Brighton and Hove since November (this is also reflected nationally).

Since the new laws, I can vouch myself that noise levels late at night outside my road (and I am near numerous pubs in the regency area) have fallen dramatically.

Before the new laws, people used to go more into town centre pubs that encourage binge drinking and would end up getting back to their home area later and more drunk.

I wish the 'Liberal' Democrats would actually act like liberals instead of idiots.


  1. "There were 465 reported incidents of low-level drunken violence and public disorder [in Brighton city centre] from November to March compared with 259 during the same period last year."

    From the Argus.

  2. Also from that same article;

    "A police spokeswoman said while low-level incidents had increased, serious violent crime reduced by five per cent from November to March.

    "A city council spokesman said: "It is still early days to fully assess the effects of the new Licensing Act but the general feeling from the Licensing Strategy Group is that disturbances are reducing."