13 March 2006

Hands off the BBC!

I'm a big defender of the BBC. Those who argue that blockbuster films, sporting events and US imports should not be shown on the BBC, miss the point of what the BBC is for.

These programmes draw in a demographic of viewer that the BBC might not otherwise reach and increase the chances that these viewers will be exposed to the BBC's more educational and challenging programmes.

Also, viewers who want to watch these films/ programmes uninterrupted by adverts would have to fork out much more than the licence fee to 'premium' cable and satellite operators or buy them on DVD.

Those who are now arguing for the 'market impact' of the BBC to be considered are the Murdoch & Co competitors who won't be happy until the BBC is scrapped. It is the consumers' interests that should be foremost in the regulators minds not the commercial organisations only interested in profit.

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