14 February 2006

MPs vote for complete smoking ban in England by 2008.

MPs voted by 384 to 184 in favour of the ban in ALL public places. This is more than I thought possible only 2 months ago. This is great news for ALL of us, it will do an enormous amount to improve all our health. Not only that it will save money. Wongablog agrees, but wonders about the exemptions.

I do have some sympathy for smokers who enjoy killing themselves, but I (as a non-smoker) have had to put up with stinking of cigarette smoke and having my lungs damaged for over 20 years now, just because I wanted to go to a gig or have an alcoholic drink in a pub. I even remember having to put up with unpleasant smoke in cinemas and on coaches and trains.

For a non-smoker there is little more detrimental to our quality of life than this, so to all you smokers, you have had your murderous fun, time for you to put up with some minor inconvenience to save everyones lives. Only a Labour government would have provided the chance for this ban. 'Moderate' David Cameron voted against 'any' ban on smoking. Typical Tory!


  1. carry bag man15/2/06 3:20 pm

    As a smoker myself I have not heard a single argument that would persuade me a total ban in enclosed areas is a bad idea.From the lack of comments it would appear everyone agrees for once.

    neil moves into uncontroversial positions shock horror !!!!

  2. carry bag man: I bet you are a bit pissed off though aren't you? If I was a smoker, I probably would be.

    I mean you won't be able to smoke in the pub anymore.

    I think the government tried it's hardest to find a compromise. But how can you compromise on a health and safety issue?

    Still you will still be able to smoke in old folks homes and even hospitals!

    I'm surprised nobody pulled me up on the year. Apparently it's next year it comes into force not 2008 as I stated.

    I think this is actually more radical and controversial than most of the things I have written on here. I'm surprised everyone agrees.

    I never thought this would become law. I am actually amazed. This could lose Labour more votes than the Iraq War. It is probably the most important piece of legislation this government has done.

  3. The only decent argument I've heard against this ban is that it will mean more smoking infront of children in the home. This should be made an offence as well, it is virtually child abuse in my opinion.

    The civil liberties argument is laughable and just demonstrates how using civil liberties arguments are meaningless unless it is backed with evidence.

    Also notice how the civil liberties of those who want to enjoy a pint or a gig, without having to breath in dangerous and unpleasant smoke just doesn't matter.