10 January 2006

David Cameron & Tuition Fees

So 'Dave' has finally admitted that tuition fees were a good idea afterall and he and the Tories have been wrong about them all along. Of all the opportunistic policies the Tories were willing to try in their desperate effort for votes, this one was probably their most stark.

Ominously he has also restated the Tory commitment to commercial rates on loans rather than the current generous 'inflation' rate loan.

So students will be much worse off under the Tories, so much for going for the youth vote. This guy is a con. Every policy he announces I'm going to point out how it differs from the caring sharing image he is trying to get us to believe.


  1. Don't think any of us expected such a spectacular Cameron rush for the centre. It makes political sense, do all your jaw dropping about turns 4 years before the next election then sell yourselves as the 'New,New Labour Party'.

    I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of ground to scrap over, they are still Tories after all, problem is will the electorate notice?

  2. I really hope Cameron does drag the Tories to the centre on policy but the omens are not so good as their new media image suggests.

    I just hope people are not fooled by their image and examine their policies closely. It is Labour's job to welcome the Tories talk of social justice etc but point out every time their policies don't match the rhetoric.

  3. This must be put to every university student in the UK and to all 6th formers and college students. That will destroy the Tory vote among students and no amount of cretinous buffoonery from that dickhead Boris Johnson will overcome this. All the Tories will be left with are the student votes of the selfish halfwits who are bailed out by Daddy and who don't need to borrow money.

    Getting the Tories to portray themselves as a load of pompous thick inbreds who have nothing but contempt for the lot of those poorer than themselves will work wonders in destroying their vote in marginal seats across the country.