18 December 2005

Redistribution and Labour: The Truth.

This article over at Fourth Term demonstrates what a lie it is to claim that Labour has not helped the poor through taxation.

Of course, this is not the same as reducing the gap between rich and poor because wage rises at the top have continued to far outstrip the poorest. It is a bit like Labour has been running up the down escalator to try and stay still.

Until Labour decides that there is a link between wealth at one end and poverty at the other, we won't see any change there. The problem with solving that little conundrum is that the power lies at the global level and through international cooperation to reign in multi-nationals. Of course if we followed the more social model countries within the EU, maybe that strategy would have some clout...then again maybe the US and Asia is just too powerful on this...in which case where will the tax cuts end...

Fourth Term also highlight an excellent article by Sion Simon MP for Erdington, which appeared in the Guardian last month, but is an excellent description of why Cameron is the Tories' Kinnock and why those on the Left who voted against Blair are being disgraceful.

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