04 December 2005

The new licencing laws are great.

Everyone who goes to the pub should vote Labour. Remember that every party except Labour opposed the new licensing laws.

My friend overheard someone in Infinity Cafe the other day who summed it up perfectly.

"Finally we have a law that doesn't discriminate against talkers in favour of dancers."

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Conversations have slowed down.

People can take their time over a meal before they go out.

And most importantly, people can take their time while drinking their drink.

This law is great and all those who predicted doom should have to eat their words with a large dose of humble pie.


  1. The slowdown in conversation is probably due to Government's educational policies, rather than its changes to the licensing laws.

  2. Ha Ha. Very funny. I'm just glad to have conversations over a drink where you don't have to compete with loud music. Bellowing and repeating slows things down - that's what I meant.