16 October 2005

Tory Leadership race.

Why is it seen as ok that David Cameron took cocaine when young working class white and black youth are being locked up for years for doing the same?

To be fair to Cameron he has not been a hypocrite on drug use as he has been a supporter of decriminalising drugs since he entered parliament and also supported the re-classification of cannabis from B to C. But the question has to be, if its not right to throw Cameron in jail for (in politicians terms) admitting using class A drugs, why is it right to ruin anyone else's life?

I think the bigger issue of class is rearing its ugly head here. Its long been known that working class defendants are more likely to be convicted and serve longer sentences than middle and upper class defendants.

Lets do away with the niceties, either Cameron deserves to have his past life investigated by the police and face charges or this ridiculous counter-productive law on drugs needs to be changed. Somebody tell me why I am wrong on this?

Research shows that there are over 100,000 drug dealers in the UK, most are no worse in morals than the average businessman. They are just meeting a demand, mostly from friends. Lets take the profit out of illegal drugs and get them off the street, it is in everyone's interests we do this. We can only control drug use by bringing it out into the open. The biggest danger to drug users is the quality of the drug, it is this variable quality that leads to overdose and death. All drug use is bad, but we don't stop it by handing over its control and its profits to the black market.

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