12 October 2005

Clifton-Montpelier-Powis Community Alliance (CMPCA).

"The CMPCA is a residents' association covering the Clifton Hill Conservation Area. It is bounded by Montpelier and Norfolk Roads in the West, Seven Dials in the North, Dyke Road(west side) in the East, and Western Road in the South. All residents are entitled to call themselves members of the Alliance (there is no membership fee), join in its activities and vote at its meetings."

Regency Labour councillor Roy Pennington attended the first meeting of the CMPCA on the 13th September. It was a great success, the meeting room was filled to capacity with Roy estimating around 90 people attending.

Roy has asked me to invite anyone in the area to the next meeting which is being held at;

St Mary Magdalen’s Community Centre on Upper North Street.

at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th October 2005

The 'Proposed Changes to Parking in Central Brighton' are on the agenda. Look forward to seeing you there. For more information check the CMPCA website.

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