11 August 2005

What can I say!

I've not been posting so much lately for a number of reasons. Firstly and foremostly I've done my back in, which means I can't sit down at a computer for too long. Also I've been working on my 'tackling poverty' essay. I didn't realise B4L wanted 'proper' essays when he first mentioned it. Well I'm having a go anyway, hopefully have it done by 16th August.

Also after an initial flourish in my first month of blogging, I've started to slow down a bit. I'm a bit disappointed that my 'fantastic' views on the world haven't made a national impact yet, but at least I've annoyed the people at 'Lets be sensible'. How can liking Fox News and supporting Labour be compatible? I have to admit I'm surprised this is possible, but then again nothing should surprise me about the 'pro-war left'. If they can believe the Iraq War was a good thing then they can believe anything in my humble opinion. I'm back on Monday, have a good 'un!


  1. Hmm, well, by 'proper' I just mean, 'something a bit more than an ordinary blog post', for obvious reasons. I'm not necessarily saying the things you've already posted are not OK, though you're welcome to have another look over the two bits before letting me publish!

    I'm trying to keep a balance between getting kick-ass (that's a technical term) articles on the one hand, that'll carry weight in the blogosphere, and not scaring people off on the other, or implying that their musings will go before a panel of judges. Hopefully I haven't got the balance too far wrong...

  2. Bit behind on the essay, just got back from the Shambala fest, which was excellent. I think your ideas are good. The two bits I've done so far are a bit weak for an essay, so I'm trying to incorporate the ideas into something a bit more beefed up. Will hopefully have it done this week.