25 August 2005

John Peel Day.

It was while shaking the cobwebs from my sad politico brain listening to some decent Peel inspired music, that I began to wish I could write my blog with the humour of Boris Johnson, instead of the staid serious stuff I do put out (I'm more humourous than this in real life honest).

Much as I despise Boris's rightwing rhetoric, his description of his encounter with a tattooed chav in a Carlisle pub is hilarious. This is why I think he gets away with being a Tory, with even some lefties claiming they might vote for him in Henley, frightening!!! Lets hope people don't really mean this!!

Talking of people with natural humour, the late great John Peel is to honoured on October 13th (the day of his death) with John Peel Day. Venues up and down the country will host gigs highlighting new bands he might have liked. I hope not too many corporate sponsors and major labels don't ruin it, but hopefully the BBC will do a good job.

What got me thinking about all this was this Assistant Blogs' piece on John Peel and the Guardian article on the BBC John Peel Day. Also with the Fall having a new album on October 3rd and playing Brighton Concorde 2 on October 30th, it got me wondering what music I would have been into now without Peel. Probably still like the Pet Shop Boys and Status Quo, who knows, hey (but even Peel got into both of these in the end!). Oh well!!

On a totally unrelated note, I hope this guy gets a better reception than I originally got on joining the Labour Party.

Nobody was nasty to me or anything but neither was anyone particularly welcoming. There were a few of the old guard who who quite obviously were particularly non-plussed- at this new 'threat; to their little power base! Democracy eh!! In fact if it hadn't have been for two other new members who had joined from Islington, I might not have stuck it out! Anyway, lets hope more effort is made with this guy, or his blog might be very short indeed!


  1. Only just spotted this post. So are you a bit of a Fall fan, then? I'm hoping to see them in October. Not that there's anything wrong with PSB, of course...

  2. I'm not sure about the PSB anymore ha ha, but with 23 Fall albums in my collection, you probably could say I'm a Fall fan. Still got to get my ticket yet but I'll be there on the 30th October. Have you bought the box set, absolute bargain!!! I would recommend it to anyone.

  3. I've managed to borrow the box set, which was a bit of luck. I should think at least a third of it I won't have heard before...