17 August 2005

James should be dropped from squad!

This friendly has thankfully confirmed what a liability David James is. Hopefully he will now be dropped from the squad.

I know this defeat was not completely his fault, but the confusion and uncertainty he caused in our defence and the complete responsibility he had for the first and possibly the second and fourth goals confirms what a waste of space he is.

As for Beckham, who wouldn't swap him for Gravesson anyday? Gravesson is the sort of inspirational captain we lack. Not to say Beckham is not a good player, but surely we could vary our free-kicks and corners occasionally by Beckham delegating it to someone else. The time has come!

As for all you Wales fans who might be rejoicing this. Just to let you know that great teams bounce back from bad results and you WILL lose against us, I guarantee it!


  1. Another good reason to forget about football, at least until the cricket's finished for the summer!

  2. Like cricket but love football, can't change that I'm afraid. At least my team (Walsall) are top of the league!