28 August 2005


Following the debate started at the Sharpener via Free Speed Nation, I thought I would put in my twopenneth.

Isn’t male opposition to abortion just another way to reassert control over females?

It’s easy for us men to criticise women who choose abortion since we never have to go through an abortion or childbirth ourselves, despite being equally culpable in creating the pregnancy.

I believe in rational argument. Since most of the anti-choice people are irrational religious nuts, thats the clincher for me!

What I find amazing about this subject is how anti-choice people can still keep a straight face when arguing for capital punishment, legalised guns, fox hunting, animal experiments, or all the exceptions to the abortion rule they reluctantly admit(like rape and risk to mother’s life). At least be consistent and argue against all these things as well. Oh! but then you’d be going against your right wing views wouldn’t you, and thats the real reason you want abortion stopped! Lets stop these uppity women having too much freedom, thats what you really think!

I believe that what a woman wants to do with her body is her business and nothing to do with anyone else, especially men! The technology is there, just like you can't uninvent the nuclear bomb, you can't uninvent abortion. All that will happen is that those that can't afford to pay for private operations abroad (i.e the poor), will die or serious injure themselves in backstreet abortions. There is no benefit in that for anyone. If we want to reduce the number of abortions, like both pro-choice and anti-choice people do, then it has to happen through education. That is the only reasonable route to take. There is certainly much, we in the Anglo-Saxon world can do, in this area.


  1. "The technology is there, just like you can't uninvent the nuclear bomb, you can't uninvent abortion."

    Too right. I say we quit with our hangups, trash the CTBT and NPT, and face up to the right to choose, and to pop off a few nukes post haste.

  2. Ok, That wasn't a good analogy! The point is legal or illegal, abortion will happen, better safe and legal than unsafe and illegal as you prefer.

  3. A quick* reading of the Sharpener discussion will show that I discussed the safety issue and was hardly blind to it.

    [* 'quick' being relative to the 200-odd comments.]

  4. Blimpish Shut up and stop making an ass out of yourself by comparing a womans right to choose to nuclear bombs, your just making more people hate you (almost all of them are women)

  5. Also if your both men I really dont think you should have any say in this issue