18 July 2005

Paris wins Olympics!

If the electoral system we use for Westminster- 'first past the post' had been the electoral system used by the IOC, then this might have been the headline despite the majority of delegates preferring London. It would have been an impossible guessing game for the delegates to decide whether to vote for their first choice or place a 'tactical' vote in the hope that others would follow. This is the impossible guessing game that the British Electorate know only too well from their general elections. We are playing Russian Roulette with our democracy each time an election is held under our present Westminster system. Just to compound this, only the 'lucky few' who live in 'marginals' have any real impact on the result, disenfranchising the majority of voters. It is no coincidence that the lowest turnouts are under 'first past the post' with a much higher turnout in 'marginal' seats compared to 'safe' seats. It is time to make every vote count, if the IOC can recognise this, why can't we?

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