12 July 2005

The leading and most articulate statesman in the developed world.

This country will miss Tony Blair when he goes, as this article by Martin Kettle explains.

I know a lot of people within the Labour party will disagree with me. Like everything in life nothing is clearcut. But one thing is for sure, without power Labour would not have delivered anything. Blair has delivered 3 consecutive victories and ensured the Tories are out of power for at least 12 years. For this alone he deserves our thanks.

The thing about revitalising public services is that it can take decades before results show through. The results of investment in Surestart nurseries and primary education will not be known for at least another 10 years as those who first benefited are still just starting secondary school. The good thing about breaking the cycle of deprivation is that it only needs to happen for one generation. Once people have the benefits of a good education and the opportunity that brings they seize it.

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