23 July 2005

How well informed were you?

Take the 2005 general election estimation quiz to find out how informed you were about election issues.

I got a score of +68, which apparently is better than 92% who have taken the quiz so far, ahem!!

Also after a discussion with MR bloggers4labour himself, I thought it would be interesting to find out how left/right all you bloggers are. Post your scores if you are not too embarrassed!

Find out here at political compass where I got scores of -6.75 on the libertarian axis and -5.95 on the economic axis, which makes me an extreme lefty, you are probably not too surprised to hear.

Also Chris Lightfoot's new political survey is very good as it plots you against a yougov survey of political opinion, telling you where you stand against each parties' voters.

Heres my results.

Have fun!

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