01 July 2005

Greenest Constituency in the UK!!

Brighton Pavilion Result May 2005

David Lepper :Labour :15,427 :35.4% :-13.3
Mike Weatherley:Conservative :10,397 :23.9% : -1.2
Keith Taylor :Green : 9,571 :22.0% :+12.7
Hazel Thorpe :Liberal Democrat : 7,171 :16.5 :+3.4

In my opinion, Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party has to become the greenest in the country to reflect its electorate and increase its vote share.

Labour needs to better publicise its environmental and democratic credentials. Labour has ambitious plans for renewable energy and increased recycling, has increased funding for public transport, encouraged congestion charging following London's lead, is pushing climate change and fair trade onto the international agenda and is responsible for more devolved government elected by PR systems. Alistair Darling has also started the debate on road pricing. This is a difficult area exemplified by the hostile and distorted press reactions to the issue.

At the General Constituency Committee Meeting on Monday one of the proposals emanating from Regency ward, that is to be put before the Constituency members and David Lepper MP, will be reform of the electoral system for Westminster. This is the sort of issue we should be promoting to win over Green and Lib Dem voters.

Brighton Pavilion is best served by a Labour MP as part of the governing party pushing a green and local agenda whereas an MP from another party would just be ignored! Labour is the party that can deliver the environmental and constitutional change that Green and Lib Dem voters seek.

I will post David Lepper's views and the constituency party's vote about the PR issue on this blog after Monday night's meeting.



  1. I agree that Pavillion should become much much greener. I suggest that a little advice from an environmental organisation would come in very handy when it comes to running offices, events and vehicles.
    One that I know of has a member of staff who keeps an eye on 'Greening'in their regional office. This includes encouraging recycling, car sharing and recording of journeys, use of fair trade products and considered use of energy. They dont get paid any extra but after a while people happily get into good habits.
    Also seemingly innocent things like balloons have been known to kill marine mammals when ingested, so they are best avoided too.
    David Lepper doesnt drive a car, which is great, especially when you look at the old banger Keith Taylor ran his election campaign from!

  2. Thanks for your comments ib. Will definitely put your comments to the rest of the ward and constituency members next time we meet.

    I like the idea of having someone responsible for encouraging 'greening' of campaigns and organisation. Interesting to hear about Keith Taylor. I notice even Green party members don't seem too enthusiastic about him.