30 July 2005

Flower Stall, Norfolk Square.

Councillor Roy Pennington would like to point out that he supports the Lady Orchid flower seller in Norfolk Square and the wonderful work that outlet has done in reducing anti-social behaviour in the square. He helped organise a petition of residents in protest at a higher bid being accepted for the site.

Councillor Roy has vigorously made the case that the tender should have taken into account the work the outlet has done.

The site was put out to tender over two months ago in a fair and open tender process and there were seven separate bids including Lady Orchid, who was aware there were other bids for the site. At the time the Council felt its primary obligation was maximising revenue to the Council Tax payer and they have accepted a 'significantly higher bid'.

After protest from Roy, he has been assured that in future the tender process will consider other factors, like the work Lady Orchid has done in establishing the site. However due to the possibility of a legal challenge, it is not possible to reverse the current decision.

Roy has also been assured that all will be done to ensure a smooth and efficient takeover of the site and that the property agents will liase with the new prospective lessee about continuing the excellent measures currently in place to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Roy has also asked the council that any money raised from the site be ring-fenced for improving facilities in the Norfolk Square area.

The Lib Dems are being particularly duplicitous on this issue (as they are on so many issues). Also just like to point out that Kevin Donnelly is NOT a Regency Councillor, no matter how much the cleverly worded Lib Dem leaflets try to suggest otherwise!


  1. I object ,The Lib Dems are not duplicitous on most issues they are duplicitous on EVERY issue!!!

  2. Yeah you're right, I was trying to be kind to them!